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Missing Teen
WDEF, Chatanooga, TN
Allison Braxton
Thursday, June 30, 2005

The ongoing search for 18-year old Natalee Holloway has hit close to home with many Americans.

And now the rescue effort is having an even closer impact here in Chattanoga...

As a local search and rescue team gears up to pitch in.

Meet Canine Sassi, she's part of the Tennessee Search and Rescue Dog Association better known as TSARDA.

Since Sassi was six month's old she's made dozen of finds giving closure to families.

Jimmie Canfield - TSARDA "Been a lot it's been a lot."

Officials in Aruba got word canine Sassi might help them locate 18-year-old Natallee Holloway.

The Alabama teen has been missing in Aruba since May 30-th.

Lisa Canfield - TSARDA Team "Their resources are running thin and people are having to go back to work from the search. So they contacted us because we have a nationally certified dog."

Six members of the TSARDA Team said yes immediately.

They're even volunteering their time to look for Natalee.

But they can't leave just yet, that's because the money to fly search crews over to Aruba has run out.

So TSARDA leader Jimmie Canfield called U.S. 101 for help.

D.J. Kim Carson then asked listeners to step up to the plate and send canine sassi to help find natalee.

Kim Carson - U.S 101 "They roughly need 48-hundred dollars because they need to buy roundtrip airfare for each member of the team."

Lisa Canfield "People are donating skymiles, it's more useful than money."

Allison Braxton - Reporting "Depending on the weather in Aruba the TSARDA team plans to be out in four hour intervals looking for Natalee.

"Some of our divers are going to be searching some very specific areas."

"At this point if she's not somewhere off the island it's probably going to be a recovery effort."

"You really don't know what your getting into until the end product."

"It's the closure that's the most important part, it's not who finds nataliee it's when they find's for the family."

But the Chattanooga team can't provide closure until it gets its own help from the Tennessee valley.

Now if you'd like to help out you can drop off a donation at Dupont community Credit Union in Hixson.

They also have a branch on East Brainerd.

You can also call (423) 595-7893 if you'd like to make a donation.


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